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Gratitude vs. Appreciation: The BIG difference


I’m sure you heard a lot about being grateful to be, do and have whatever you want.


It’s great to practice gratitude. And if you’ve done so; Awesome!


But there are nuances between gratitude and appreciation.


Gratitude means you are thankful that you have something now, that you overcame.


Like anger, hard times, struggles, overwhelm, ____________ (Just fill in the blanks.)


It also means that unconsciously you are always reminded about the bad things that happened until you overcame them.


Appreciation means you are in the now and there is no hint of worry, anger you let go of, or the past in general.


Appreciation is NOW, with no doubt or negative taste.


Tip: The next time you sit and write in your journal use I appreciate instead of I’m grateful for.


Journaling is a great way to practice appreciation.

If you never tried journaling (it has nothing to do with ‘Dear Diary,…’) I would love to invite you to my Journaling Challenge.

The Journaling Challenge is a free, 7-day challenge, that shows you how powerful journaling is, and to get you into the habit of journaling.

I journal every single day, first thing in the morning, because this is where I 

  • get my aha moments when I’m stuck
  • lift my energy when I’m dealing with an unwanted situation
  • dream big to create the life and business I want
  • get ideas every single day for my content, my programs and my freebies.

Since I journal every day my days are brighter, I manifest like crazy, I never have to think about what I should create next (= no more writer’s block), I’m a lot happier and confident.

In case you want to give journaling a try sign up for the free Journaling Challenge.

I’m a 100% sure you will love it. 

Christina, xx

Appreciation vs. Gratitude: The Difference And How You Can Use it To Become Wildly Successful


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