Gratitude vs. Appreciation: The Difference And How You Can Use it To Become Wildly Successful

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I’m sure you heard a lot about being grateful.
Gratitude helps to be, do and have whatever you want.

It’s great to practice gratitude, especially if you want to manifest more money, love, health, and success. 

But there are subtle but big nuances between gratitude and appreciation.

Gratitude means you are thankful you have something now that you overcame.

Like anger, hard times, struggles, overwhelm, ____________ (just fill in the blanks).

It also means you are unconsciously constantly reminded about the bad things that happened until you overcame them.

Appreciation means you are in the now and there is no hint of worry, anger you let go of, or the past in general.

Appreciation is being in the NOW, with no doubt or negative taste added to it.

Tip: The next time you sit and write in your journal use ‘I appreciate’ instead of ‘I’m grateful’.

Not sure how to practice appreciation daily in a fun and easy way?

Here are my favorite gratitude/appreciation journals to fill out.

Or if you are an entrepreneur, content creator, artist, or coach, you sign up for my free journaling challenge.

A sidenote: Gratitude and appreciation alone don’t work. They are helpful tools, but they are only a piece of the puzzle. What is overlooked 95% of the time when using gratitude for manifesting, is working on your subconscious, hindering beliefs, and your negative self-talk.

If your manifestation doesn’t show up, then you can have as many gratitude or appreciation lists as you want. Manifesting won’t work for you. The same goes for affirmations. If you don’t work on the underlying negative beliefs, they won’t work.If you want to work on your money beliefs to receive more abundance in your life, you may want to check out my Money Blocks Discovery Workbook.

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Gratitude vs. Appreciation: What's The Difference And How You Can Use it To Become Wildly Successful

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