What I Learned About Writing My Book Soul-Led

What I learned about Writing my First Book

Before I started writing a book, I already wrote blog posts and became a co-author for a prestigious publishing company. But writing a book and becoming a self-published author is a different story. So here’s what I learned while writing my book “Soul-Led: How to Follow Your Inner Compass to … Read more

Afraid of what others might think about you?

Are you worried what others might think about you?

So many brilliant, beautiful and heart-centered people out there—including you—are dimming their light and holding back on what they truly want to be/share/create in the world, because of fear and worry about what others might think about them. They know deep down what they would like to share with this … Read more

5 Initial Signs Of Manifestation

The 5 Initial Signs of Manifestation

There are certain initial signs of manifestation which I’m sharing with you in this post. BUT more important than looking for signs that your manifestation is close, is to make sure that you don’t stop your manifestation by working against it. So instead of waiting and looking for the signs … Read more