Journaling = Success: Fun Journaling Challenge

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Journaling is the #1 secret to manifest what you want into your life. More money, freedom, time, an amazing relationship, and a lot more.

Journaling is the best thing when you want to make your dreams (and dream business) come true.

Writing something down (journaling) is a very powerful tool. It’s like creating a contract between you and the Universe (or however you want to call it.)

When you journal you send out a signal that it is very important to you.

By journaling I don’t mean that you bullet journal or that you write “Dear Diary”.

Journaling is going deep. Finding out your wishes and dreams, figuring out what stopped you until now to manifest whatever you want.

Journaling is like having your own private mentor or coach.


Why Journaling Is My Favorite Manifesting Tool


I journaled a free business class flight, a luxury trip to South Africa (worth more than 12000€) and my dream car into existence.

Plus my perfect dream clients, I always wanted to work with.

This is why I want to share with you how to journal and to manifest whatever you want and desire by sharing my 7 Day Journaling Challenge with you.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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How the Free Journaling Challenge works:

1. Every day you receive an email with a journaling prompt and tips to get into the journaling habit.

2. After these seven days you will love journaling so much that you will do it every day. 🙂

3. Because I don’t want you to fall off the journaling wagon, you will receive a pdf. with more
journaling prompts at the end of the week.


Have fun and enjoy!


Christina, xx


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