Christina Leutner has a holistic approach, when it comes to working with her clients.


„It’s all about raising the energy and vibration on the inside,

so that you can achieve and receive whatever you want on the outside.“


 Her expertise is in mindset and manifestation, energy work, Feng Shui and Space & Energy Clearing.

 She works 1:1 with female entrepreneurs / women who want to grow and scale their business.

 Christina also offers Feng Shui consultations and Space & Energy Clearings (the deepest and most effective way of Feng Shui) for homes and business spaces on site, worldwide. (limited spaces available)


As it sounds weird, writing in 3rd person, let me continue in a more casual way:

Hi, I’m Christina Leutner and my mission is to help women to make their wildest dreams come true.

I believe that the more women out there doing, creating and sharing what they truly love, the world becomes a better, more peaceful and joyous place.

You have a special gift that is inside of you that needs to be shared. 

My mission is to help you to share this gift with the world.


Learn more about my work:




Random facts about me:

 I was born and raised in Austria.

 I love to travel to foreign places and have adventures.

I love animals. That’s the reason I eat plant based.

Talking about traveling and animals: Going on safaris is heaven on earth. 🙂 I’m thinking about doing a retreat in a luxury lodge in South Africa, combining working in a more personal and intimate way with you, plus going on safaris. (Shoot me an email if this would interest you.)

I’m a personal development and mindset junkie.

I’m an introvert.

The craziest thing I’ve done (actually, I don’t think it is crazy, others think it’s crazy) is to cage dive with White Sharks in South Australia.

I was crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a catamaran.

I was working as a primary school teacher and principal of a school in Austria.


 If you want to see more behind the scenes content, as well as tips and interesting stuff, then head over to Instagram. Say ?? and let’s connect. You find me at: @thefemaletravelpreneur

Christina, xx 

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