Creating a new dream board or vision board is so much fun, especially when you’re using the power of Feng Shui.


I started with Feng Shui about a decade ago. I took courses and I was most interested in the business part of Feng Shui where you optimize everything around your business. (Yes, business Feng Shui is actually a thing).


I’m sure you heard about the magic of creating and having a dream board / vision board to make your dreams and goals come true.


So why not combine Feng Shui and a dream board to create the most powerful dream board you ever had.


Let’s Get Started and What You Need


You can create a digital version of a dream board or a physical one. If you want to, you can create both version. I mean: Why not? 🙂


What you need:


A cardboard or canvas (as big as you like), the Feng Shui dream board template (see download),a scissor, glue, magazines, photos, pictures and some time alone


You can cut out pictures and words from magazines. You can print out beautiful pictures. You can write down words or statements. Be creative.


Tip: In case you write down statements be sure to write as if they already happened. If you use the future time in your statements, guess where they stay:
In the future.


When you are finished with your dream board put it somewhere you can see it every day. The more often the better. You can also use it as a wall paper on your laptop or on your phone.



Divide your cardboard or canvas into 9 parts.
Stick pictures, statements or words into the different parts. You will find the template with the right order for the different sections inside the download.

To help you to come up with ideas you find some questions you can ask yourself:

Wealth, Appreciation, Prosperity

Do you have a financial goal? What does living abundantly and prosperous means to you? What do you already have in your life you want more of/concentrate more on?

Fame, Reputation, Become Well Known

What is it you want to be known for? Do you want to leave a legacy? What is it? Do you want to become famous? Do you want to be a published author, an artist,…?
You can put pictures of magazines, podcasts, blogs in this area you want to be featured in. You can even go so far and put your face on the cover of a magazine or your book.
You can put words or statements in you want to be known for. For example: trustworthy, successful,…

Love & Relationships

How does the perfect relationship look like to you? What kind of things do you do together? How does it make you feel?

Family, Health, Community

What kind of people (community) do you want in your life? What do you want to do with your family? How about your health? How does the perfect happy, healthy version of you look like?

Well-Being, Vitality, Energy, Your Home

How do you want to feel? What does well-being mean to you and how can you bring more of it into your life? How does your dream home look like?

Creativity, Communication, Children

Are there any areas in your life you want to be more creative in? Is there something you want to learn? How would you like to communicate with your dream clients? Do you want children? How many? How do you want your relationship with your children be like?

Personal Growth, Wisdom

Who do you want to become? What would you like to know and learn? Are there any wise people you admire? Stick them on your dream board.

Passion, Business, Career

How does your ideal business or career look like? What do you want to do? What is your passion? Find pictures, words or statements that reflect what you want in your business.

Travel, Spiritual Life, Helpful People

What are your dream travel destinations? Who is joining you?
How do you want your spiritual life to look like? Which practices do you want to include into your life? Any books you want to read? Do you want to meditate more, do yoga?
Are there any helpful people out there you want to become friends with, learn from or work with?

To get it right, download the Feng Shui Dream Board template:

Psst! The Feng Shui Dream Board template (and How To create it) is also part of the FREEBIE&GOODIES LIBRARY.

You can get access to it here:

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