Creating a new dream board or vision board is so much fun, especially when you’re using the power of Feng Shui.

 I started with Feng Shui about a decade ago. I took courses and I was most interested in the business part of Feng Shui where you optimize everything around your business. (Yes, business Feng Shui is actually a thing). I’m sure you heard about the magic of creating  a vision board/dream board to make your dreams and goals come true.

So why not combine Feng Shui and a dream board to create the most powerful dream board you ever had. 

Let’s Get Started and What You Need

You can create a digital version of a dream board or a physical one. If you want to, you can create both versions. I mean: Why not? 🙂

What you need:

A cardboard or canvas (as big as you like), the Feng Shui dream board template (see download),a scissor, glue, magazines, photos, pictures and some time alone. 

You can cut out pictures and words from magazines. You can print out beautiful pictures. You can write down words or statements. Be creative.

Tip: In case you write down statements be sure to write as if they already happened. If you use the future time in your statements, guess where they stay:
In the future.

When you are finished with your dream board put it somewhere you can see it every day. The more often, the better. You can also use it as a wall paper on your laptop or on your phone.


How To Make A Feng Shui Inspired Vision Board

I wrote a book!!!
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The dream board you will create has 9 different areas for the different areas of your life (and business). 

 You will find the template with the right order (which is crucial) for the different sections inside the download. 

To help you to come up with ideas for your dream board / vision board I also included questions for the different sections inside the template.

To get it right, download the Feng Shui Dream Board template here:


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