Dealing with Money Blocks

Are you dealing with money blocks?

I bet you do.

Whether you’re in debt, struggle to make it, 

and even if you’re doing financially well:

We all have money blocks.

When you’re in this state of mind that you always think about: 

Having not enough… 

How do I pay my bills?

I am so dependent on others… 

Guess what! You will stay in this state of mind because what you think of

the most, you will attract more of.

This means you will stay in the situation where you’re at right now.

You don’t have enough money, you cannot pay your bills (or get even more bills), you will stay dependent on others like your spouse, the state, or your family.

In this state of mind, it is hard to believe someone who says you should stay positive, be happy, and to feel like you are enough and you have enough (more than enough) and to be financially independent. Right? I hear you. 

If you are in one of these situations above you have some sort of money block. 

We are not always aware of them, but when we realize a lot is going on in our subconsciousness and we clear it, we’re on our way to being





Money blocks and blocks in general are beliefs that are ingrained into our system. Sometimes we’re aware of them but most of the time they are hidden in our subconsciousness. 

This makes them hard for us to identify but there are certain techniques to uncover them and let them go (which you will find out later).

They’re a hidden power in us that either serves us and helps us or, as with money blocks, hinders us and stops us from having and being what we really want to be, do and have in our lives.

How can you identify your money blocks?

  1. If you have any thoughts like the ones above, then you do have money blocks.
  2. Take some time and think about the time you were a child. What did your family think and say about money?
    Things like: “Money doesn’t grow on trees?”    
  3. What do you think about money?

This tells you already about what you believe around money and what kind of money blocks you have that stop you from earning more, making more, and receiving more money.

There’s a lot more to cover about money blocks and how to uncover them and more importantly how to get rid of them and let them go.

I created this short, sweet, fun, and extremely powerful workbook for you, called Money Blocks Discovery Cheat Sheet. 

It’s four pages long and it includes the Money Blocks Discovery Exercise that goes deep into uncovering your beliefs. You will find out what money blocks you have and more importantly how exactly you can let go of your limiting beliefs about money.

You can grab it today for $33. 

Money Blocks and Negative Beliefs around Money

If you’re not quite sure if this is what you want or need (Hey, I get it. You probably don’t know me by now and what I do.), I have some amazing free resources for you about manifesting, mindset, and getting what you want because my mission is to help as many women out there as possible.

I believe that, when more women do what they love and live a life beyond their wildest dreams, the world will be a more beautiful, joyful, and abundant place.

So if you are the person who wants to manifest a life and business beyond your wildest dreams, I’m here to help.

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