The 3 Stages of Entrepreneurship

When I started out in the online world (at the end of 2013) I read about every strategy, tried out lots of blueprints and was always following the next shiny object.

I was the FOMO queen.

I listened a lot more to what other online gurus said instead of listening to my inner guidance.

Feels familiar?

This is the way it works, I thought. 

Follow a strategy, hustle your butt off and some day you will receive the rewards.

1. The Strategy Driven Entrepreneur

But it didn’t feel good and the longer it took, the more frustrated I got. 

I tried the next strategy because I was lured into it by the next online guru.

It cost me more in the end than I got out of it.

I must admit that I started a business and stopped it after about 9 months because simply put: I hated it.

It was selling physical products (private label) on Amazon which was THE THING to do. 

It made money but I hated doing the customer support and Amazon seller support sucked too. 

I was also wearing all the hats in this business.

As I said, it made money, but I felt that I didn’t want to do it in the long run.

This is where I realized that making money at the cost of your soul isn’t the way to go.

Before you sell your soul and start any kind of business take some time to figure out what the right kind of business for YOU is.

This process will save you so much energy, frustration, money and time.

You can get the exact process here (at the end of the post).

(It’s not only valuable if you start a new business but also if you are not sure if the business you’re in is exactly how you want it to be.)

Advice #1: Invest some time to figure out exactly what kind of business the right kind of business for YOU is. Not what anyone on the internet tells you.

A business that suits your lifestyle, your needs and a business you want to run long term and that makes you happy.

Because there will be times when it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. 

And if you choose the wrong kind of business you will eventually quit (which is heartbreaking).

If you love what you’re doing – even if it gets hard from time to time (and it will) – you still want and will continue.

So take your time and figure out what business is your kind of business.

Hustle for the sake of hustling?

There are some people out there that thrive when they hustle day in and out.

In reality they are busy and believe this way they are worthy.

I never believed in the hustle. You can read my story here.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything (obviously, or you wouldn’t read these lines), but creating longer and longer to-do-lists and following strategies won’t get you anywhere – except for a miserable and frustrated life.

It also feels very masculine and the way business was done in the past.

And this is where many business owners get stuck. 

They are so busy running their business because that’s how they were told this is the way to run the business that they never get the chance to think about if this is the way they want to do it.

This is also the time entrepreneurs either quit or are willing to try things differently or see things differently.

2. The Mindset Focused Entrepreneur

This is where they start working on their mindset and / or start implementing and figuring out the Law of Attraction = manifesting a life, business (and other topics) they truly want.

This is the stage you should have started before creating a business in the first place.

Because strategies can be googled. 

There are many tutorials on the internet on how to solve a specific problem.

It’s the least important part of running and starting a business. 


Because customers and clients feel your energy.

It’s as simple as that.

A lot happens on an energetic level and if you are constantly stressed out, overwhelmed or pretend to like what you sell but actually don’t, people ‘smell’ it.

Save yourself the hustle, the hard, frustrating work and start deciding and doing what you truly want.

No matter how crazy it might feel.

This is the only way that will make you happy, fulfilled and successful in the long run.

Figure out what you want. 


Go full in.

Believe in yourself and work on your mindset.

This is the second stage of entrepreneurship.

The 3 Stages of Entrepreneurship

3. The Soul Led Entrepreneur

The third stage is where you learn to let go of all that you learned.

It’s where you listen to your inner guidance and fully trust it.

Where you follow the guidance every day knowing that you are always on the right path, even if it makes no sense logically.

It’s where the magic happens.

When you let go of your ego and follow your heart and soul.

Where you don’t care what you are supposed to do to ‘make” it or be successful.

Your soul, your inner guidance knows what to do / be in every moment to have and get what you truly desire.

These deep, true desires do come from your soul as well.

This is also the stage where success comes faster and in ways you couldn’t have dreamed of.

Are you ready to be the soul led entrepreneur you are meant to be?

Are you ready to follow YOUR WAY?

Are you ready to trust your inner guidance and let your soul take over?

Want to be a soul led entrepreneur and do life and business your way?

Want to be unapologetically YOU and work as much or little as you want?

Soul Led Entrepreneur is a self study course with journal prompts, workbooks and questions to ask and answer to shift the energy,  to become the best version of yourself and do business without the struggle. You will learn how to become a soul led entrepreneur and follow your heart and soul and do business in an ease-y and your way.

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Christina x
The 3 Stages of Entrepreneurship
The 3 Stages of Entrepreneurship

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