Manifesting Your Dreams: Secrets About Manifestation

This is a collection of my soul downloads about manifestation and manifesting your dreams.

These are powerful words. Short and sweet. Exactly the way I am and how I teach.

No fluff. Simply the powerful essence you need to know about manifesting.

Read them, work with them, take out your journal and answer the questions. Enjoy.

Christina x

Manifesting doesn’t work | What to do when manifestation doesn’t work

I hear so many clients and people saying that they tried everything but manifesting doesn’t work for them.

Manifesting always works.

It is a universal law like gravity and it is not possible that manifesting doesn’t work.

But there are certain things we do that prevent the dream, goal, thing or person to come into our life.

So it’s not about why it didn’t work, it’s about why it didn’t work YET and what you did to keep it from your experience and reality.

Here are some questions to think about:

  1. Do you believe manifesting works? I mean, really works, no matter what. Or do you believe it works in certain areas of your life but not in all?
  2. Do you believe you are worthy of manifesting your desires?
    On the outside / conscious mind most of us think “Of course I am“, but when you dig deeper are there any uncertainties? Do you really believe you are worthy of having what you want?
  3. Is it really what you want? Or is it something you think you want to have, be or do because society says so, or because others make you believe you should have it?
  4. Do you give up too soon? Do you change what you want because it didn’t manifest as quickly as you wish? Do you have doubts and worries that it’s too much what you’re asking for?

Get honest with yourself and see what comes up behind the surface.

Manifesting Your Dreams: Manifestation Secrets Revealed

Manifesting Your Dreams | It’s only one decision away

The life, the business, the relationship you want is only one decision away.

It’s easy to blame circumstances, the environment you are born into, the country you grew up,

for not having what you want, being who you want to be or doing what you secretly dream of.

It’s your decision.

Yo can go ahead blaming, shaming, because this feels familiar,

or you finally take responsibility for your life,

drop the struggle,

let go of negative beliefs,

stop the negative self-talk

and start living the life you want.

It’s only one decision away.

Will you make it?

Christina x

Manifesting Your Dreams. Now.

We are not here to be slaves and to work day in and day out in jobs we hate.

We are not here to be treated badly.

We are not here to suffer, to be poor or deprive ourselves of things we want to have.

This time is over.

It’s time to step up, to claim what you want.

To do what you actually like and enjoy.

To have what makes your heart sing.

You deserve it.

We are here to enjoy our lives.

We are creators.

We are more powerful than we thought or could have dreamed of.

It’s your time to shine now.

It’s your time to decide what it is that you want.

This is the first step to manifesting your dreams.

You have to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life – this life.

You got to decide who you want to be.

You decide what kind of relationships you want.

It’s your decision to make, how much money you want to make weekly. Monthly. Per year.

No one else can decide it. Only you.

But if you don’t decide what you want, life stays the same, or worse: Others decide for you.

Society, your boss, your family, your spouse, your clients.

Don’t fulfill or work for the dream of others who DID decide.

Decide for yourself. Now.

Once you decide what you want it’s time to believe in it. To believe in you.

Only when you believe you can have it, be it or do it, will you be able to achieve it.

This is one step that is crucial and a step we have to learn and to do some deep healing work around.

You cannot think that you kinda believe it.

You have to be certain.

This means taking 100% responsibility for your actions, your life, what you did or didn’t do in the past.

You have to be willing to let go of old belief systems that work against your new belief.

Your new belief that you can have what you want.

This is why a lot of people out there live mediocre lives and don’t reach what they secretly want, because they are not willing to work on themselves.

To work on their beliefs.

Because it means to face uncertainty.

It’s easier to stay in the current life and to blame others and outside circumstances.

That’s why they stay for example in toxic relationships.

They fear or are scared to be alone.

Staying in a toxic relationship is familiar and less scary than being alone.

I’ve certainly experienced some of these situations myself as well. 

That’s life.

But it doesn’t have to stay this way.

In every minute, in every second you can change the circumstances and change your life.

What helped me was to ask this question: “Will I regret it for the rest of my life if I _____?”

For example: “Will I regret it for the rest of my life if I don’t take this opportunity and stay in the current situation because I’m afraid?”

This single question helped me every time I was scared or had no idea how to choose / which path to go / which action to take.

Why manifestation doesn’t work for you (You’re a liar!)

Another reason – one I discovered myself recently and was able to heal – is that you know you are supposed to say what you want in the present tense

For example:

I am successful.

I am wealthy.

I am in an amazing relationship.

You decided it was yours. You believe it. 

But it still doesn’t show up.

Why? Why doesn’t it work? You may say that you tried a lot. You healed, you cleared blocks

But manifesting your dreams still doesn’t work.

The reason is that you feel like a liar and you learned that lying is a bad thing, liars are evil, you can’t trust a liar, no one likes liars.

So when you say “I am in an amazing relationship” and at this moment you’re single: You lie.

When you say that you’re successful but there is no evidence right now, you lie.

When you say you are a self-made millionaire because this is your desire, but you’re broke: You are a liar.

When others ask you how your business is doing and right now it sucks because you have no clients or customers, or you don’t have revenue flowing in yet, and you’re supposed to say it’s great (because this is what you should do when you want to manifest it), you’re the biggest liar.

No wonder manifesting doesn’t work for you.

You are lying to yourself. 

And being a liar is bad.

Your subconscious in this case is stronger. It doesn’t want you to be a liar. 

It wants to protect you.

No one wants to be friends with a liar, work with a liar, love a liar.

You have to clear that sh.. out of your system.

Of course you don’t want to be a liar, but:

If you desire to be a successful business owner, it’s already in your field. It’s your desire because you are able to be one.

So I ask you: Is it a lie when it is already in your field / when it is a desire / when you feel it that this is what you are meant to do?

When you get excited thinking about it and it feels right (even if you are scared a little bit).

No. Of course not.

If you desire it, it already exists.

It may not be a reality in physical form (physical form like the revenue, clients, sales, success,…),

but it is already here and yours in an energetic form.

So are you a liar when you say that

I’m successful.

I’m wealthy.

I’m in an amazing relationship.

I’m a 7figure, 8figure,.. business owner.

Of course not.

It is already in your field.

What stops you from manifesting it, is: You have to clear these false beliefs from your system!

If you are ready to clear all of these negative and false beliefs (even the ones you had no clue about), you can do so in my new training:

Drop The Struggle And Finally Manifest What You Want

It’s finally here:

My best training ever.

Drop the Struggle – Release and Let Go of Negative Beliefs and Self-Talk that Keeps You from Having it All

This is a process and step-by-step guideline that I believe everyone in the world should know about and use. 

It is the one process that helped me and helps me tremendously whenever I’m struggling in any area of my life.

After doing energy work for about 15 years, I packed all of my powerful exercises into this process.

A process I still use myself today and will in the future.

So if you’re struggling and feel stuck in any area of your life like having not enough money, dealing with toxic people or energies, problems with health, your body, whatever it may be…

It’s time to release it. 

And the best part: It does not take long to follow the process and the exercises in this training.

You can learn more about it here: Drop The Struggle

Christina x

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