Knowing what you don’t want is a good thing

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Knowing what you DON’T want is actually a good thing.

It brings you closer to what you DO want.


A good portion of my life I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do or be, but I knew what I didn’t want.


Because I didn’t know what I want, I tried lots of things. Sometimes I was jealous about all the people who knew exactly what they wanted. (Now I’m glad that I never knew what I wanted because I was able to try so many things, to learn so much and to figure out what I really wanted and see what’s possible.)


On the outside it looked like I couldn’t make up my mind and I felt like a weirdo.

Friends and family got a job, they stayed where they are, and I was the one who came up with new ideas, started, quit and started all over again.

I thought that something is wrong with me.


I took different courses in fields like Aura Soma, Feng Shui, Space & Energy Clearing, how to sell private label products. I started a travel blog in German (still do, because I love writing about my travels), all while I was working as a teacher and principal (quit 7 years ago).


It bothered me that I jumped from one passion to the next. But I learned a lot in what I don’t like and don’t want to do.

I learned that I don’t like selling physical products on Amazon (doing customer service and explaining how the products work, sucked) and being a teacher (can’t stand how the school system evolved in the last decade),…


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What I do know and what I want you to know:


Even if it takes a while for you to figure out what you want, you learn a lot along the way and suddenly it clicks.


The pieces of the puzzle come together.


For me it was that I always loved talking about and doing mindset, manifestation, spirituality work, and business.


The courses and the education I finished in Aura Soma help me a lot when it comes to talking and teaching about the energy of colors and crystals and essential oils.


My Feng Shui and Space & Energy Clearing education and practice, I learned over a decade ago, and love using on site for my clients homes and biz spaces, were one of the courses I took without knowing why at first.


Not knowing what you want, trying out everything under the sun, isn’t wasted time at all. You learn so much along the way, more than any person who knows right away what they want to do with their life. All of that you try helps you further down the path. Even if in the beginning it makes no sense at all. Don’t beat yourself up because you don’t know what you want.


I know how frustrating it feels, when you want to do something meaningful but you can’t figure out what it is.


The Universe (or however you want to call it) always has your back and guides you along the way.


If you think, well that’s nice for you, that you figured out eventually what you want, but I still have no clue: I have an exercise for you, I also talk about in the free Journaling Challenge, that helps you to figure out what you want.


Are you ready?


The Perfect Day Exercise


Picture how your dream day would look like. Don’t limit yourself. If money or time wouldn’t be an object, how would your perfect day look like? What would excite you doing every day?


When would you get up in the morning? What would you do? What would you eat? How would you spend your day? Where would you live? Are you in a relationship? How does it feel? What does your dream business look like? Who would you help or what would you sell or do?


Fill your journal with two or more pages.


Very important: Write it as if it already happened.


This exercise should give you a clue on what you really love doing and might lead you finally to the path where you’re meant to be.


Don’t be afraid to try new things, to write down how your dream life would be (don’t limit yourself).


Anything is possible and you can be, do or have what you want.


You will find out what it is that you want. It will give you this good feeling, even if it makes no sense and even if you don’t know how to make it happen. You’ll figure out a way.


If you want more clarity about your life and business, I highly recommend that you join the free Journaling Challenge below.


(Journaling is my number 1 secret tool and favorite practice when it comes to manifesting.)


P.S.: If you want all my free resources like workbooks, challenges, hacks and the best tips, that are frequently updated, you can get access to the FREEBIE&GOODIES LIBRARY here: GET FREE ACCESS TO THE FREEBIE&GOODIES LIBRARY

or join the Journaling Challenge below:




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