In short: Now.


Especially if you’ve never done a space & energy clearing in your home and/or business space before.


With space & energy clearing I don’t meant to clear your rooms with sage.

Clearing a home or business space with sage is only scraping the surface.

It is only a part of space clearing.

(If you regularly clean your home with sage: Congrats! You do more than most out there.)


Space & Energy Clearing goes a lot deeper.


Do you remember when as a kid you had to clean up your room and you threw everything under the bed, in your closet or under a rug to hide it?

Well, your room looked clean but the real mess was hiding and it didn’t get better when you shoved other items on top of it (plus you got in trouble when your mum saw the hidden mess). ?


It’s the same with clearing your home with sage (as everyone out there tells you).

On the surface it looks clean and you might feel a little difference but the real dirt and mess = stuck, negative, hindering energy is still lurking inside your home and business space.


It still affects you and it will until you do a deep space & energy cleaning.


Your home and your business space are a reflection of yourself, and all the people that ever entered and stayed in your place.


Your home is an energetic storehouse.


It stores all the energy of the past and the present.


Energy of previous owners, your ex, your spouse, your family, kids, friends, visitors, the workers who built the house or store, clients, staff, even the furniture and stuff that’s inside.


All the energy of self-doubt, worry, fights, sickness, worry about money,….is still inside your home.


This is why I’m very conscious about who I invite into my home (people or things).



The Best Time For Space & Energy Clearing


If you’ve never done a space clearing in your home or business space the best time is: as soon as possible.

Especially when you


  • move into a new home or business space


  • after a separation


  • after a major illness


  • when you or your loved ones have nightmares for a longer time


  • when you want to change the direction of your life and/or business


  • when you want to change from disharmony to harmony


  • to clear the space from past energy 

As you are connected to your home and business space, I recommend that you get outside help and to bring in someone to do the space & energy clearing for you because they come in with an objective and outside perspective.

When I clear the space at my client’s homes or biz’ spaces I go in with a neutral and objective perspective. It is easier for me to feel the energy as a neutral person, compared to you, who is entangled and connected with your place.

I feel the stuck energy, I clear it deeply and bring in the wanted energy that supports you and your goals for your life at home and your business goals and dreams.  

When the energy of a space is cleared, it also changes your energy. 

Clearing a space also helps to become the person or family you want to be. After your space is energetically cleared it creates a vacuum and I fill it with your new intentions.

After this process the new energy will be sealed and new, unwanted incoming energy will be neutralised in the last step.

If you are interested in a space & energy clearing at your home or business space, you can send me an email to (Space & Energy Clearing on Site). It’s a high end offer and I only do 10 to maximum 12 space & energy clearings per year. 




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