Being Triggered by Someone or a Situation (= Someone Pushes Your Buttons) And How to Release It

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Recently I spent 8 days in India and I was triggered a lot.

We (my mum and I) visited the Taj Mahal, the Pink City Jaipur, we saw a tiger and leopards on a safari, and we had to deal with many Indians.

I’m more of an introvert and I need some time alone. Traveling in India can be a challenge for an introvert. You are constantly surrounded by people who talk to you and who try to sell you something. They don’t stop talking to you and they get very close. The only thing that helps is to ignore them and don’t look at them at all.

In our western world ignoring someone who talks to you is being considered as very rude, but believe me it’s the only way to handle the people who want to sell you something. If you say NO it means they have your attention and they talk and talk and talk and they don’t stop selling to you.

Anyways.When you’re in India EVERYONE and I mean everyone wants money from you. They want to sell stuff to you everywhere you go.

One situation that comes to my mind is when I was standing in front of the Baby Taj Mahal in Agra. A security guy was also around and my mum walked over and asked him if he could take a picture of us.

When he was done he wanted money for taking the pic which took him a couple of seconds. He was working at this place so he obviously earned money from being there as a security guide. Still, he insisted to get money for taking a photo.

This really pissed me off and triggered me. 

There were many other situations where people wanted money, even though the service was crap or it was simply ridiculous for wanting money.  

In short: Everyone wants money.

I was triggered a lot by this situations and sometimes really pissed off and angry (which doesn’t happen very often). My western mentality differs a lot from their mentality.

I am helpful, I give a lot, I offer help for free and provide value for free. Sometimes too much.


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When you are triggered by a situation or person (something or someone pushes your buttons) there is always something to learn from it. In fact, similar situations and people will press your button(s) as long as you finally take a look at it, think about why it bothers, annoys,… you and release what’s actually standing behind the situation or problem.

In my case people pushed some buttons. I was angry by their behavior and I was thinking about WHY it made me so angry and upset.

I knew I had some problem and my emotions showed me that there was something I had to work on.

And that’s what I did. I encourage you doing the same.

In your case it could be situations you face over and over again, like being in similar abusive or negative relationships. It could be that you always have too much month left at the end of the money. Whatever it is you’re facing. Same situations or people who annoy you, scare you, make you feel like you’re not worthy enough. There is a reason why you have strong feelings around it.

There is something you need to take a look at, and if you want to release these situations and emotions that are caused by people and problems, you have to work on it.

If you don’t, they will come again and again until you no longer can’t stand it and finally do something about it.


The behavior of the people annoyed me a lot and I could be pissed off the whole time not enjoying my trip, or I could figure out why I am so triggered, what I can learn from these situations and how to change my view.

Most important: How I can use these emotions and situations and turn it around for me so that it turns into something positive.


What I did, while we were driving from the pink city Jaipur to Dholpur, was to think about the situations and people who triggered me (annoyed me, pissed me off) and then I started tapping / EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). If you don’t know what it is you can learn here more about it (coming soon).

I did a couple of rounds of EFT and by that released my negativity around the situations and people.


I also used a method called Ho’oponopono where you forgive yourself and everyone involved. It’s easy to use and it’s so powerful. You can download the short sentences you say (out loud or in your mind) in my Freebie&Goodies Library. You can request the password to it here.


After doing step 1 and 2 I was thinking about what I can learn from these situations, what they taught me and how I can use the insights for my life and business.

What I learned and realized:

I am a person who always helped and rarely charged for it because it felt easy for me and I enjoyed it. I always thought it’s better to give, give, give and not often enough receive or take, which isn’t good at all because it is out of balance.

If you only give, give, give you burn out and you bring in people in your life who always take, take, take but never give back, or when you suddenly charge they get mad at you because they want everything for free.

Think about the situation and what you can learn from it.


My book Soul-Led: How to Follow Your Inner Compass to an Incredibly Fulfilling and Happy Life is all about how to deal with triggers, trauma, blame, shame and all the “fun” stuff. It’s your soul calling you to work on these shadow aspects to be able to live the most incredible life. 
Included in the book are powerful exercises and a life-changing question that will help you become soul-led and live the life of your dreams.

Soul-Led is available as an ebook and paperback version in many stores around the globe. 


I learned from this situations that it’s okay to charge and to charge premium prices because I give so much value with the services I offer.

I not only give my time when I work with my clients, but also the time, energy and investments it took me to learn these skills, to have the knowledge and wisdom I use while I’m working with my clients.

It’s okay to give and I do so with the content you find on my website and blog and also the content, behind-the-scenes and tips I share on my social media channels (Instagram, FB and Pinterest) plus the freebies and goodies you can get access to in my Freebies&Goodies Library.

It’s okay for me to give and to help you, and if not everyone who consumes my content buys from me or works with me, that’s fine too. I know that with providing this content I can help so many people out there living a better life and having the business of their dreams. This is what drives my. This is my passion.

If you decide to work with me, I give you all my expertise, my energy, my wisdom and knowledge and I charge premium prices for it.

Because what I learned is that if you only charge little to nothing you will drain your energy and you’re constantly hustling your butt off, which means you don’t have time to recharge your energy, to learn more so that you can give more value and your services and work will suffer.

Whatever it is that triggers you: The next time you have strong feelings about a situation or person:

  • do some tapping (EFT)
  • forgive (use Ho’oponopono)
  • find out what you can learn from this situation
  • find out how you can use this insights and turn it into something positive

If you have any questions leave me a comment below.

Christina, xx

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