1:1 Unlimited Access

Sometimes it’s not enough to have to wait for the next mentoring or coaching call.

Sometimes you need your answers, inspiration and accountability as soon as possible.

When you need help with your business and / or with your mindset, when you need inspiration, a helping hand or accountability, you don’t want to wait two or more weeks to receive an answer.

That’s why I offer 1:1 mentoring with unlimited access via messenger.

I only have limited spaces available per month because I’m committed to be present and to help you as good as I can.

Investments currently start at $2700. 


How to Get Unlimited Access

You can send a message to info@thefemaletravelpreneur.com for more information and available dates (use 1:1 Unlimited Access in the header).

What I highly recommend:

Sign up to the waiting list where I send you details to special offers and for available spots and dates. You are among the first to hear about them before I release it to my other readers: