Spiritual Guidance 101: Easy Practices To Include Into Your Daily Life

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I started my spiritual practice back in 2003.

I never told anyone about it because when you talked about angels or crystals, people in my hometown thought you’re a part of a sect.


So I kept it to myself. The only person who knew about it was my mum. She was and is my spiritual path buddy.


I started taking Aura Soma courses (energy and colors) and Feng Shui classes.


I learned how to use Feng Shui at home and for businesses (yes, that’s a thing) and I read a lot of spiritual books and practiced a lot over the years.


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What I also learned was how to clean the energy of our homes and ourselves.


If you are starting out with your spiritual practice or want to do it in a slightly different way, here is what can help you:


  1. Let Those Energy Suckers Go


Do you have times when you go to a place or when you meet people and suddenly you feel like your whole energy is gone?
You don’t know why or how it happened?

The reason is that someone or something sucked your energy.

To be of service and to help others you need your energy and focus and you can’t let others take up all of your energy.


Every day, when I get up, I picture myself in a bubble of light (various colors for various occasions). This bubble is like an umbrella and protects me energetically.

I also say to myself: Love and harmony in, love and harmony out.

This way, all of the other energies I’m confronted with during the day, don’t enter my body and don’t clutter or drain my energy.


Try it. You can picture yourself being in a colorful bubble of light. Your protection shield.


  1. Cutting Energetic Bonds


Over the years we create energetic bonds with family, friends, (ex) partners, your current partner or spouse, clients and even strangers.


Sometimes those energetic bonds are like fine strings, sometimes they are like thick steel ropes that attach you to another person.

This means you are attached to each other and neither you or the other person is free.


It doesn’t mean that you cut the relationship with the other person, it simply means that you cut the energetic bonds that don’t serve you.


I mean who wants to be energetically bonded to their ex boyfriend or a person you had a fight with?


  1. Surround Yourself With Crystals


Crystals are a great way to help you and support you in your (spiritual) life.

There are a ton of great books out there to help you to identify which crystal is the right one for you.


You can also go to a good crystal shop and see which crystal(s) you are drawn to. Take them in your hand.

You will feel it in your body and hands if it is the right one for you.


Sometimes they feel ice cold in your hands, sometimes they give you a warm feeling.


Anyways: You will feel which one(s) you need right now.


  1. Use Essential Oils


Organic essential oils are also a good way to support you in your life. As with the crystals, there are amazing books out there to help you figure out, which oils to use.


  1. Pendulum


When I started back in 2003 with my spiritual path I also learned how to use a pendulum. I don’t use it as often today because I learned to trust my intuition.

But sometimes I do take it out.

If you are a beginner you might want to use a larger pendulum. Mine had a wooden ball in front of it.


Now, because I’m more advanced in using it, I have a small pendulum with a rock crystal.


  1. Card Decks


If you like it you can get some card decks, ask a question and pick a card. It’s amazing how accurate the answers are.

I like Doreen Virtue’s card decks but there are other amazing ones out there.


  1. Spiritual Books


Last but not least. You can learn a lot by reading books about spirituality or personal development.

Go and see what interests you and start implementing what you learned.


You can’t do anything wrong.


Christina, xx


If you have any question, leave me a comment. I’m happy to answer them.


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