Whenever I talk to people, especially women, 90% of them struggle with making more money.

They tell me that they use affirmations, they try to manifest and some of them journal and use vision boards.

But for most of them it doesn’t work. 

It’s not that they and you do something wrong or aren’t worthy of getting whatever you want (it’s not limited to money).

It doesn’t work because they share one thing in common:

The Reason You Still Don't Manifest What You Want (and what to do)

The Real Reason Why Manifesting Doesn’t Work (Until Now):

They try to sugarcoat, they try to see and feel what they want and stay positive BUT they don’t go to the root of the problem.

Staying positive, seeing and feeling what you want is super important, but if you don’t start with the basics and basis of manifesting and let go of what doesn’t serve you, how do you want to receive?

How do you want to receive what you want if your subconscious is working against you 24/7 (without you even realizing it)?

Whenever I talk to women who want to manifest money, abundance, more clients, a better relationship,…, and I ask them if they work on their (negative) beliefs and blocks, they all answer with: NO.

No wonder they don’t manifest what they want.

Can you relate?

Taking a look at your negative beliefs and blocks, identifying them and letting them go once and for all, is so crucial.

When you released them, then is the time to do affirmations, afformations and manifesting work.

Whenever I work with my clients and we identify their beliefs and blocks and let them go, magic happens.

Because I think it is so important and because I want you to finally be able to manifest whatever you want, I give away my Money Blocks Discovery Cheat Sheet for a super low price (it’s called money blocks, but you can use it for any other area in your life as well).

It’s four pages long and you will find out what your blocks and negative beliefs are around money and abundance, and how to release them and let them go so that you can finally manifest what you really want.

I could sell it for a couple hundred dollars (it’s so powerful), but I chose to offer it now for $33 (it’s a no brainer).

If you’re not quite sure if this is what you want or need (Hey, I get it. You probably don’t know me by now and what I do.), I have some amazing free resources for you about manifesting, mindset and getting what you want, because my mission is to help as many women out there as possible.


I believe that, when more women do what they love and live a life beyond their wildest dreams, the world will be a more beautiful, joyful and abundant place.


So if you are the person who wants to manifest a life and business beyond your wildest dreams, I’m here to help.


You can access for my Freebies&Goodies Library here: 

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