Energetic Healing Session 1:1: Clearing Your Abundance Blocks (Money Blocks)

In this very powerful,1:1 healing session, you will release and clear an abundance block that stops you from receiving the money, abundance, success,… you want.

We are diving to the root problem that keeps you stuck.

This energetic healing session is not limited to money and abundance themes.

But as many other problems in life are related to a lack of money, working on your abundance / money blocks can help you to also improve other areas of your life.

Clearing a money block can help to take off pressure in your relationships, family and even health.

Without stressing about money you don’t worry when buying something new, and you don’t have to worry if you are able to pay your bills. 

It takes off a lot of pressure in your relationships, life and overall health. You can use money to improve your health by picking the best doctor, eating the best food, or being able to hire a personal trainer, if you want to.

Whatever it is. 

Releasing money blocks gives you more ease, freedom and security in your life and business.

As you are so close to yourself (= your thoughts, behavior,…), it is not always easy to find out, what keeps you stuck in your current situation.

In this energetic healing session we go to the root of your current abundance / money block.

Think about an iceberg.

Your current problem / your current reality is the part that floats above the water. This is what you experience. It is an experience that popped up.

But it is not the root of the problem. 

If you clear this problem and situation it is as if a part of the tip of the iceberg falls off.

You might feel good for a while, but you did not clear the root of the problem.

A similar experience will pop up again.

The bigger part of the iceberg is under the water. It stays there and won’t go away. If you chip off a part of the top, a new part of the hidden iceberg will pop up.

This is what I was talking about. You released or cleared a problem, but a similar problem or experience will pop up soon enough.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, or you wouldn’t be here.

As long as you don’t clear the programming / the root belief you formed, you will attract the same experience and problem again and again.

This is what we are doing in the energetic healing session: 

We are looking where this experience originally came from and we clear and release it from your energetic field.


  1. You can book a session by clicking on the button below. It will send you to a form where you pay for the session and secure your spot.
    Alternatively you can book a session by sending an email to info @ thefemaletravelpreneur . com, using “Energetic Healing Session Money Blocks” as subject.
  1. After the payment you receive an email with all the details. You can pick a certain date and time for your energetic healing session. (Note that it might take up to a month for the next available session because 1:1 sessions are limited. I’m only human.)
  2. After agreeing on the time and date, the 1:1 session is held via Skype and is 30 minutes long.


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