Do you want more wealth and abundance in your life and business? I guess so. It all starts with your money mindset. You don’t have to work harder and hustle, hustle, hustle all day long. 

All you have to do is change your beliefs around money = transform your mindset.

When you know the right strategies, it is not that hard to change your scarcity thinking into a wealth mindset.

To change your mindset around money and wealth there are certain steps to take.

This is what we cover:

The 8 steps to change your mindset around money

  • Forget What You Learned About Money
  • Let Go Of Your Past
  • It’s All About Gratitude
  • Create A (Feng Shui Inspired) Dream Board
  • Less Is More = Declutter
  • Dream Big 
  • Set Big, Smart Goals
  • Start To Love Money

Have you heard the quote by Napoleon Hill “What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.”

If you’re dreaming about being wealthy, becoming a multi-millionaire or having that extra cash for a needed vacation. You can totally achieve it.

You can be, do, and have anything you want. 

What stands between your current reality and your dreams are your beliefs.

Now, let’s dig deeper on how to actually change your lack of abundance and your scarcity thinking into a wealthy mindset by starting with a mindset shift.

1. Forget What You Learned About Money

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Rich people are greedy.

Money is evil.

Sounds familiar?

 Did you hear these statements over and over again from your family or your friends? 

As a child we learn from our parents, siblings, our family. We learn from teachers, advertising, what the government says. The list goes on and on. 

You soaked it up like a sponge. It turned into your reality and into your beliefs, because you thought that what you heard was the truth. 

Don’t blame them because they learned these “truths” from others as well.

These negative beliefs around money are so ingrained into our subconscious that we hardly recognize them anymore. 

The first step to change your negative beliefs around money (your money blocks) is to dig them up and to ask yourself if they are true. 

Is it really the truth? 

Are all the statements you heard true?

Is it true that e v e r y rich person is greedy?

Is it really true that money is e v i l? 

Is it true that you will become a bitch when you are rich? 

There are many rich and wealthy people out there who do a lot of good in the world with the money they have. 

Money is only an energy.
It doesn’t say anything about you or your worth.  

It is not evil per se, nor is it good.
It is a neutral energy.
It’s exactly what kind of meaning we give to it. 

Money is not limited, because it’s an energy. Energy is limitless. And therefore money is an unlimited source. It is expressed through numbers.  

It actually doesn’t exist. What do I mean by that?
Only part of it exists as bank notes or gold you can actually touch. Most of the money only exists in the form of numbers in bank accounts, on credit card statements,… It is in fact a limitless energy.

It’s the value and what you think about it, is what makes you be rich or broke. If you think money is limited you’re experiencing this lack of energy or abundance. 

Just because right now you feel like you don’t have enough, doesn’t mean, there’s not enough for you out there. 

Energy is limitless and as money is an energy it is limitless too. 

The problem is that you’re thinking you don’t have enough and that money is a limited source. 

And this is exactly why you don’t have enough money. 

This is what has to change. 

The first step is to recognize that your beliefs around money you learned from other people are simply wrong.

Let go of these thoughts and beliefs.

Simply by deciding that you are done with them.

2. Let Go Of Your Past

I can’t afford it. Are you guilty of saying I don’t have the money for it, over and over again. 

I have some bad and some good news for you. 

The bad news:
What you’re believing and saying creates your reality. 

When you say

I CAN’T AFFORD ______.



You will never be able to afford it, have the money for it, get it. 

Did you hear me? (Saying it with all the love I have.)  

Your beliefs create your reality. 

Now to the good news: 

You can absolutely change your beliefs and by that change your reality. 

You don’t have to re-live your past over and over again.
It is in the past. It is done.
You live in the now. You cannot live in your past because it’s already over. 

So why retell that same old story and those old beliefs over and over again. 

Decide to let go of the old crap. You don’t need this limiting beliefs anymore. 

These statements are negative money beliefs you are holding on to.  

I call them money blocks. 

They prevent you from ever getting what you want.  

They are the reason you can’t afford whatever it is you like to have. A nice dinner, a trip to see your friends or family. Whatever it is. 

You are not aware of them, but they are what stops you from having the money you want, the relationships you want, the lifestyle you want. 

When you let go of your past and the negative beliefs around money you will see abundance coming into your life in unexpected forms.

 3. Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude, which means being happy and thankful for the good things you have right now, is a sure way to attract more good things into your life.

What you focus on is what you attract more of.

If you think now ‘…but I don’t have money, how can I be thankful for it?’, be thankful for something else. 

I’m sure you find plenty you are thankful for right now. 

And if you want to go down the money route, why not be thankful that you now know how to change your money story by letting go of the old beliefs. 

If you want to learn more about it and why I use appreciation instead of gratitude you can go ahead and read more about it here:

 Gratitude vs. Appreciation: The Subtle Difference That Makes You Wildly Successful 

4. Create A Dream Board That Actually Works

Having more money means to be able to buy and experience what we want. It’s not always about money itself, it’s about the things we can purchase and the feeling it gives us. 

The best way to attract those into your life – whether it’s actually money, your dream car, a certain house (or mansion), your dream relationship, whatever you want – is to surround yourself with it. 

You can do so by creating a dream board / vision board.

A vision board you see day in day out helps you to focus on what you really want.  

Get creative and do yourself the favor of making a vision board / dream board. Here’s how: 

How To Create A Feng Shui Inspired Dream Board That Actually Works Like A Charm (with template) 

5. Declutter – Less Is More

Everything around us affects us. This includes every item you possess. Every book, decorative items, paper work, your clothes. Everything that is in your home. 

If you don’t use the objects, you don’t like them, or if they are broken they draw energy from you.  

Do you still own things from ex-partners or gifts you received you actually don’t like but you feel like you have to keep them? (That ugly vase your grandma gave you.)

Maybe it’s time to get rid of them. 

When I moved out of the house my sister and I inherited from our dad, I had to clear out things from our ancestors. This house is more than 250 years old and there were a lot of items in the barn from I don’t know how many generations. 

We sold them, we gave them away, we recycled them. It took us months. The last 10 days when I was cleaning the house by myself, I felt like I couldn’t take it any longer. The energy was so intense. 

But with every room I cleaned up (including going through my own belongings), I felt like invisible weights fell off my shoulders.  

I literally felt a lot lighter. When I moved into my new home I decided that less is actually a lot more. I didn’t take a lot of stuff with me and before I buy new stuff I constantly ask myself if I really need it, if it gives me joy and if I really want it around me. 

I know it can feel painful or hard to declutter but as I told you, you will feel a lot better afterwards.

If you are overwhelmed you can start by decluttering one drawer or one room. First it might feel hard but it gets easier. I promise.

When you are decluttering your home and belongings you should also do some Space And Energy Clearing. 

6. Dream Big

What if money was no issue at all? What would you like to do, have or be? 

Allow yourself to dream so big you never did before. If you feel like you can’t do it because it’s not realistic, you’re not worthy of it, or you will never make it happen anyways, do this: 

Imagine a fairy visits you and tells you by sprinkling her fairy dust around you, you can have whatever it is you want. 

What would it be? Take out a sheet of paper and let your imagination go wild. This is what I regularly do in my journaling practice (It has nothing to do with writing ‘Dear Diary…’, btw.) 

Journaling is a great way to change your money mindset and mindset in general. 

If you would like to give it a try but don’t know how, you can join my journaling challenge. 

7. Set Big, Smart Goals

Once you know what you want you can not simply sit on your couch waiting for things to fall into your lap.

There’s a reason why there’s this law called Law of AttrACTION. You need to get active and creative to realize your dreams and your passion.

It’s actually the best thing you can do to figure out what your passion or your purpose is. It makes it a lot easier to attract things and money if you do what you love. Even it is sounds cliché, but why waste your time doing work you don’t like when you can create a life you truly love and having abundance.

Here’s how to find out what your passion / your purpose is in only 5 minutes.

I figured out that my passion is to travel, to coach and mentor and to be able to work from anywhere in the world. If this is something that rings your bell, you will enjoy this post: How To Start Your Own Profitable Online Business 

After you found out what your passion is you can then start outlining how you want to achieve it. Set goals accordingly and always listen to your inner guidance for the next steps to take. 

Know your goals, write them down, so you know you’re on the right track, but don’t write endless to-do-lists you won’t get done anyways. Because this will frustrate you.  

8. Start To Love Money

Finally step number 8. Start loving money. Seriously. If you want to live in abundance and be wealthy or rich beyond your wildest dreams you got to love money.  

And if you find yourself falling back into negative chatter in your mind or saying negative things about money, start again with step number 1. 

It won’t happen overnight that you change your money mindset from a negative and limiting place to having an abundant, wealthy mindset. 

It is like peeling an onion. You pull one layer off and the next layer appears.  

The same happens with your money mindset and mindset in general. If you do the mindset work you will go deeper and deeper and release more hidden beliefs that don’t serve you, and you will start manifesting your dreams. 

And the more you do, the better your life and money situation becomes. 

What's Next?

You now learned about 8 steps to change your money mindset. If you like to dive in deeper and want to get to the root of your money and abundance blocks by changing your programming and deep ingrained beliefs, you can learn more about my powerful 1:1 energetic healing session here.

How To Change Your Money Mindset
How To Change Your Money Mindset
How To Change Your Money Mindset
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